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Serverless React App - Part II

February 26, 2020


Here we are; part 2 of the Serverless React App series. As a DevOps Engineer, I appreciate this part of the project. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy the entire stack, but automating building, linting, and testing is so refreshing. Knowing that newly introduced code is formatted correctly, and tests don't fail before merging into develop makes development much more enjoyable for me. Because everybody reading this is probably creating merge requests and having their code reviewed, it most likely will for you too.

Table of Contents

Serverless React App - Part I

February 16, 2020

In my previous post, I introduced the Serverless React App series. I went over the outline for where the series is heading and what things will be covered. This is Part 1 of the series. Today I will quickly go through the creation of our react app. I want the main focus of this series to be around serverless architecture and what it takes to get an application deployed. Let's get started.

Serverless React App - Introduction

February 16, 2020

Serverless is not a new concept, but not everyone knows how to implement it or get integrated using GitLab's CI/CD pipelines. In this series we are going to cover how to build a full stack from the creation of the React App to deploying.