Serverless React App - Introduction

February 16, 2020


Serverless is not a new concept, but not everyone knows how to implement it or get integrated using GitLab's CI/CD pipelines. In this series we are going to cover how to build a full stack from the creation of the React App to deploying.

Table of Contents


  • GitLab Account
  • Basic Understanding of NPM & React
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account
  • Basic Understanding of Domains & Certificates

Part I: React App with Material UI

In Part I, we are going to create a React application that utilizes Material UI for the styling of our components. We will build a couple of pages to demonstrate basic functionality.

Part II: Lint, Test, & Build with CI/CD

Now we start getting into the fun DevOps stuff. The first thing we are going to do is add linting and tests. Then we want to ensure our code always passes our linting standards before it gets deployed. Our tests will also need to pass for our build to succeed.

Part III: Deploying to AWS

In Part III, we are going to deploy the React Application that we built earlier. We will deploy our code automatically if we are on staging, and everything passes. On production, we will deploy manually.


I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. I have been enjoying writing it and learned a lot in the process. It has been fun working on it, and I am excited to give back to the community of bloggers, where I learned much of my knowledge. Please share your thoughts on Twitter.