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How to organize a React application

May 08, 2020

When I began my first React application, I struggled to decide how I wanted to organize my code. I knew that I was free to structure it in any way I wanted, but was unsure of what best practice was. After doing much research, I was forced to conclude that there was no accepted best practice. You can find many opinions out there, and today I am adding my own. With my first application, I came to a solution that I thought was pretty solid at the time, but I have since developed many more applications and have honed my approach with time. I am confident that I have landed on a structure that will be flexible and manageable as a project grows.


We've been working hard to bring tools to our site! In addition to the Password Generator, we now have a Hash Generator to convert plain-text to MD5, SHA1, SHA256, or SHA512 including base64 encoding.



Survive the maze! Jump from level to level in this all out squishfest: navigating mazes, defeating baddies, and squashing high scores. Use influences scattered throughout the mazes to aid (or hinder) you in your journey. Learn to master the blocks! Using them for both offense and defense will be required to reach greatness.

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