Ghost Recon Breakpoint Skill Tree

September 09, 2019

In Ubisofts' Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the management of skills is achieved by accessing the skill tree from the menu. Each skill belongs to one of five different categories; abilities, consumables, passive, perk and upgrade. We put together a map of the skill tree with all of the details you need to put together the perfect operator. Additionally, we outlined a couple of builds to try out below.

Breakpoint BETA

All content was compiled from the Ghost Recon Breakpoint BETA. We will update our content when the game comes out on October 4th.

Skill Tree
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Operator Builds

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# Medic

Support Role

As the team support role, you need to be able to move quickly, see everything, and be able to revive a squadmate if they go down. Your drone should be ready whenever you are, or you may need to carry squadmates out on your shoulder.

Class: Field Medic

Skills (20): Experience Upgrade, Parachute, Night Vision, Thermal Vision, Burst Forth, Perk Slot 1, Perk Slot 2, Technique Accelerant x2, Specialized Item Carrier x2, Tireless, Revivalist, Drone Hunter

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# Gadgets

Technilogical Breacher

As the Technological Breacher, you need to be able to get into anywhere, build any gadget, and blow up anything. You can hide from drones and enemies alike, but when necessary, explosives are your best friend.

Class: Panther

Skills (20): Experience Upgrade, Parachute, Night Vision, Thermal Vision, Perk Slot 1, Perk Slot 2, Breach Torch, Syncshot Drone, Sixth Sense, Item Capacity x2, Drone Scavenger, EMP Grenade, Explosives Expert, Slim Shadow, Resource Detection, Explosives MK.2

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

If you are interested in playing breakpoint, you can find it on Amazon.


We only designed and played a couple of builds, let us know what you came up with on Twitter.