Ghost Recon Breakpoint Classes

September 09, 2019

Ghost Recon Breakpoint introduced a new aspect to the game, classes. Gone are the days of everybody hitting level 15 and being able to carry around a Medic Drone. It is up to you and your squad to determine what class suits your mission or playstyle best. Should all four of you go to the bivouac and switch to the Panther class so everyone can sneak into an enemy base undetected; or should you all be different classes so you can snipe, sneak, and heal? Whatever choice you and your squad make, stay classy Ghosts.

Breakpoint BETA

All content was compiled from the Ghost Recon Breakpoint BETA. We will update our content when the game comes out on October 4th.

# Field Medic

Technique - Healing Drone
Heals and revives friendly teammates

Item - Medkit
Hand-deployable device: heal injuries and gain extra health


  • Faster revive.
  • Carry bodies faster
  • Can self-revive.

# Assault

Technique - True Grit
Recoil reduction and damage resistance. Kills heal and extend duration.

Item - Gas Grenade
Hand-thrown Area Control Device: damages over time


  • Extra health.
  • Bonueses with Assault Rifles and Shotguns.

# Panther

Technique - Cloak & Run
Disappear behind a smoke screen

Item - Cloaking Spray
Self-use: renders user undetectable by drones


  • Bonus Stealth
  • Faster movement speed.
  • Supppressors on Handguns and Submachine Guns do not reduce damage

# Sharpshooter

Technique - Armor Buster
High-penetration bullets with bonus damage and muzzle velocity.

Item - Sensor Launcher
Launched device: marks enemies in a large area


  • Longer breath control while aiming.
  • Bonuses with Sniper Rifles and DMR


Tell us how your squad plans classes for a mission. What was your strategy? The Field Medic and Panther were our go-to loadouts.